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Skip the Fancy Dinner: Skate Your Way to Romance This Valentine's

Having Valentine’s Day woes? Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on an overpriced dinner and an outfit you don’t feel comfortable in? Or worst of all, are you scrambling to make a reservation and now you’re going to end up WAITING for a table reservation because the only “romantic idea” everyone had on their list was a fancy restaurant… and now it’s too late??

Don’t fret! We got you covered! Miami Roller Rink provides a GLOWING way to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other, friends, gal-pals, or bros! No reservations, special outfits, or waiting required!! Bonus points: this is an awesome way to show off your fun-loving, funky personality!  Bring some comfy socks, get your skates on, and ROLL on over to the amazing, updated retro rink that brings you back to your childhood. 

Our talented DJs will be making sure you “get your groove on”: with a dash of romance, a side of spicy power ballads, and a hint of independence that will make you feel like you’re center-stage! Skate, sing, dance, shuffle, and ROLL away like nobody’s watching! 

Getting hungry? Treat yourself and your special someone to some delicious brand-new pizza, avocado fries, or gourmet empanadas. Need something sweeter? Dippin’ Dots to the rescue!

Want to chill after all that yumminess?? Come visit the arcade, just steps away from the rink. Win your lovely date something soft and cuddly from the Pro Shop, and I guarantee that won’t be the only thing she’ll be cuddling later!

Miami Roller Rink provides an atmosphere like no other… The perfect Valentine’s date night activity that brings out your creativity, thoughtfulness, and the vibe that will definitely end the night having your heart beating out of your chest - but not only thanks to skating. ;)

Join us on Monday, February 12 and Wednesday, February 14th for two wonderful Valentine’s Day specials starting at 8:00pm! We can’t wait to ROLL with you!

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