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  • What do I need to bring?
    #1 Good Vibes ONLY! As a family-first venue, we expect all patrons to bring on the positivity to help each other on their skate journey. #2 Don't forget your socks! Socks are required for our rental skates. If you forget your socks, we got you in the skate shop with a few fun pairs available for purchase.
  • Can I bring in a cake?
    Only reserved parties can bring in cake or party related items.
  • How much does it cost to get in?
    All of our public open skate sessions are $20, including our ALL DAY skate sessions. That's right, you can stay from open to close as long as we're open. Come often? Save by upgrading to a monthly unlimited individual or family membership, or individual multi-pass that doesn't expire. Daily Perks: - FREE Admission for Non-Skating Chaperones - FREE Kids Under 3 Years Old - FREE Admission for Abuelos y Abuelas Always - FREE Wifi (Great to WFH! #IYKYK) *Special Events that are ticketed will not accept multi-passes.*
  • Can I bring in food or drinks from outside?
    No outside food or drink are allowed.
  • Can I bring my own skates?
    Yes! You can bring your own skates or use our rental skates. Roller Skates and supplies are available for purchase at the skate shop near the entrance. We carry a range of roller skates from entry level to more advanced skates, including: Riedell Edea Moxy Sure Grip Pacer
  • I'm not skating, do I need to pay?
    Non-skating chaperones of minors and children under 3 years old do not need to pay. All others must pay admission, whether skating or not.
  • What if I don't know how to skate?
    For beginner skaters, we have skatemate skate trainers available for rent ($5.95) in all sizes, child through adult that are great for first timers. Rental skates are $5. We also have skates available for purchase in our pro shop.
  • No skating against traffic
    Before entering the skate floor, please observe which direction the skaters are skating. Normal skating directing is counter clockwise, although occasionally the DJ will reverse the skating direction. Skating in the opposite direction of traffic is not allowed. To exit the floor, please complete your current lap and exit.
  • Follow all posted signs and listen to instructions from floor guards and other rink employees
    In addition to rules on this FAQ, please follow all posted rules and signage, and listen to instructions from floor guards and all rink employees.
  • No food or drinks allowed on the skate floor.
    For safety of all guests, food and drinks should only be consumed in our cafe or table seating areas
  • Skaters only on the skate floor
    No, for liability purposes only skating guests are allowed on the floor. Non-skaters pose a risk to themselves and others. Any non-skaters on the floor may be asked to leave.
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