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Miami's longest standing roller rink continues January 1, 2024. Bookings open now!


This Miami Roller Rink is the last standing "OG" roller rink in Miami. For some it will always be Hot Wheels or Super Wheels, but one thing is for certain... it has been rolling with Miami since 1987.

This rink has a rich history spanning over 35 years.


In 1987, Stuart Cuaff and Wayne Lippman, opened the original Hot Wheels Skating Center in Southwest Miami. The center, celebrated for its industry leading lighting & sound, live DJ sessions, and performances by leading artists, quickly gained fame.

After a year, Hot Wheels was sold to Byron and Beverley Sharp, known for his significant contributions to the skating industry. He introduced a new era of community service by collaborating with over 120 Schools.

In 1998, the center changed hands again when James Ritter, a six-time national roller-skating champion acquired it and initiated significant renovations. However, the facility suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Irene in 1999 and closed.

A year after the storm, Thunder Wheels, a local competitor, took over the location. They offered a distinct style but unfortunately closed after 11 months.


In June 2001, Thomas Mitchell and Milad Wanna founded Super Wheels, the next iteration of this beloved venue. The brand was later purchased in early 2009 by a new ownership group led by Tom Mitchell.  His labor of love kept the Rink open.

Super Wheels temporarily closed its doors in March 2020 due to the global pandemic.  In September 2020, with the support of former employees and the community, Super Wheels reopened.

In 2022, the Shopping Center that housed Super Wheels was listed for sale and all interested buyers wanted to change this historic landmark into other businesses. After hearing this, two parents from the Super Wheels Skating Team put their life savings into keeping the rink alive. 

While the name and ownership has changed over the years, our mission as new ownership is to build on Miami Roller Rink's legacy as a community hub. Creating a space that is safe, clean, and provides a fun skating experience for guests of all ages... from kids taking their first wobbly steps on skates, to teens looking for a welcoming hang out spot, to adults who have been skating since the 80s. 

We hope to recruit the next generation of roller skaters and keeping the sport alive in Miami. Who knows... one of today's young skaters may one day be the future owner of this Miami Roller Rink.  

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