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Skating Classes


Class fees:
Monday Adult Classes $20
(Limited time offer) Wednesday and Saturday All Ages Classes $15
Thursday Jam/ Rhythm Skating classes (All Ages) $20

Fees are cash only paid directly to coaches and include 

Skate Rentals are $5. We also sell skates at the rink.

Why learn to skate?


01. Better than Running & Cycling

According to the University of Wisconsin Medical School, skating was found to be more beneficial than both cycling and running because it's easier and more natural for building hip and thigh muscles. Unlike cycling, skating develops hamstring muscles.

02. Safer than many other activities

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, roller skating is 2x safer than school playgrounds, 3x safer than football and baseball, 4x safer than basketball and 5x safer than riding a bicycle

03. Lower joint Impact

A study by the University of Massachusetts found that roller skating causes 50% less impact to joints than running, because unlike running, skating is a low-impact activity.

04. Effective for Weight Loss, Cardio health, and Leg Day

An average person can burn up to 600 calories with just one hour of vigorous roller skating.

Roller skating is a full body workout that especially develops lower body and core muscles.

Our world class coaches

Dedication. Expertise. Passion... and four generations of champions.

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