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Miami Roller Rink Summer Camp

is now open for registration!

June 10th - August 9th (Ages 7-12) | 8:30am - 3:30pm (before-care and after-care available)
$40 per day/ $160 per week

About Us

Whether you know it as Hot Wheels, Thunder Wheels, or Super Wheels... the Historic Miami Roller Rink is a special place that has meant so much to millions of guests over the last 35+ years. As new owners and operators, we're excited to keep this pillar of the community open and lead Miami's longest standing Roller Rink into its next chapter.

Thanks for supporting this small, family-owned business and the legacy that is Miami Roller Rink.

Birthdays & Parties

Host parties for ALL AGES - Kids, Teens, and Adults. Roll into an electrifying mix of retro fun, flashing lights, and vibrant sounds at Miami's Historic Roller Rink!

Leave the planning and clean-up to us for a no mess, no stress celebration! 

Your Roller Birthday is just a few clicks away!

Skating Party at Miami Roller Rink.jpeg

Groups & Events

Summer Rink Schedule

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Important: Check instagram for the latest schedule updates posted weekly.

Every Day, Skate all day for $20 or less *


12pm-6pm: All Day Skate

8pm-11pm: Adult night - Open Skate Session


12pm-6pm: All Day Skate

Evening: Your Corporate Event, or Private Event.


12pm-6pm: All Day Skate

8pm-11pm: Open Skate Session


12pm-6pm: All Day Skate

Evening:  Your Corporate Event or Private Event.


12pm - 8pm: All Day Skate
8pm - 11pm: Open Skate Session


10am -7:30pm: All Day Skate Session (Day)

8pm - 11pm: Open Skate Session (Evening)


10am -12pm: Your Private Event
12pm - 7pm: All Day Skate Session
8pm - 11pm:  
Your Private Event

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